IVR Improvement Program

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Boost customer satisfaction and containment

Many interactive voice response (IVR) systems deliver a poor customer experience, resulting in low customer satisfaction, decreased employee satisfaction, higher operating costs, lost business, and lower profits. Because customers’ IVR interactions typically account for 30% of the entire customer experience with a contact center, it is critical to ensure the IVR is supporting the positive experience your customers expect—and to know where and how to fix the processes that are not effective.

The Solution

J.D. Power’s IVR Improvement Program provides:

  • Detailed insight into the IVR performance factors your customers care about most and how to improve satisfaction
  • controlled test of the top five IVR interactions, using J.D. Power mystery shopping methodology to compare your company’s IVR performance against two of the highest performers as well as three competitors your company selects
  • Onsite interviews with your company’s IVR support team and a technology review by an IVR expert to assess your contact center’s strategy and capabilities for providing an optimum customer experience
  • Detailed readout and recommendations regarding how to improve IVR performance and assure sustained excellence

J.D. Power’s proven approach provides your contact center’s IVR management with specific insights into what your company, your competitors, and cross-industry high performers do, and can do, to differentiate performance and enhance the customer experience. The result is a clear understanding of what drives customer satisfaction, the limits of existing technology, on the high-performing companies, and specific guidance to improve customer satisfaction while also maximizing containment rates.

The Benefits

An optimized IVR will improve profitability by delivering the experience your customers want and demand. A typical engagement improves customer satisfaction almost immediately, while also balancing the need to improve containment where the most significant cost benefits can be realized.

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