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Analyst Access

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Make data-driven decisions. Take action with confidence. Surpass expectations.

To make data-driven decisions, take action with confidence, and surpass expectations, leaders need easy and immediate access to data analysis support. This often includes, for example, quick answers to data inquiries, assurance that research communications are accurate, and expertise in J.D. Power data and methodology. However, internal team bandwidth and resources needed to deliver the right analytics to advance high-priority projects are often unavailable.

The Solution

J.D. Power Analyst Access—your lifeline to fast, easy, and reliable data analysis—provides dedicated access and premium-level support to answer your research questions, conduct analyses, prepare data for presentations, or even review your work for accuracy.

Analyst Access includes:

  • On-demand data analysis: Access research support when you need it, and from the J.D. Power thought leaders who know our data and your industry best
  • VIP access to research support: Get the highest priority level of support available only to subscribers
  • Convenient assistance and flexible data delivery: Receive research assistance according to your preference (via email, phone, or Web); Select project delivery best suited to your needs (via email, phone, or webcast)
  • Fast, transparent turnaround: Understand project scope and date of delivery at the time of request
  • A comprehensive, research-analytics knowledge base: Discover new ways to leverage J.D. Power data by consulting with those most familiar with common client requests—it’s your path to “the help you didn’t know you needed,” so that your team can deliver the research insights that surpass expectations

The Benefits

Analyst Access enables you to get even more out of your J.D. Power benchmark study subscriptions by empowering your team to ask for additional research assistance when needed and in a way that’s most convenient to you. By leveraging Analyst Access, your business leaders can make data-driven decisions and take the right action with confidence. You’ll become the research hero to your organization known for surpassing expectations when it comes to delivering superior, data-driven insights that ensures your communications and presentations are accurate, draws the correct insights from J.D. Power research results, and helps your organization move high-priority initiatives forward.

The Requirements

Analyst Access is available exclusively to current J.D. Power syndicated benchmark study subscribers.


Meet Our Analyst Access Team

The J.D. Power Analyst Access team is full thought leaders and research scientists who know our data and your industry best.

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Request more information from J.D. Power about how to get started with Analyst Access.

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