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Customer Service Benchmarking Toolkit for Assisted Digital Channels

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The Challenge

Customer service executives managing digital channels must be prepared to answer critical questions including:

  • Which facets of the service experience do customers value most?
  • How does their organization’s operational performance compare to high-performing organizations within and outside of their industry?
  • Where should the organization focus their improvement efforts?

The lack of reliable data about and insights into chat and email/in-app channels poses a significant barrier to answering these questions and establishing plans to deliver what customers want at the lowest possible cost.

The Solution

The Customer Service Benchmarking Toolkit for Assisted Digital Channels offers insights and resources designed to help you drive excellence in chat, email/in-app servicing channels. Fueled by the combination of customer experience insights from more than 100 brands across multiple industries and operational and KPI data, the Benchmarking Toolkit for Assisted Digital Channels delivers in-depth insights that help your organization know where it stands and how to improve.

The Benchmarking Toolkit includes:

  • Best Practices Scorecard—More than 100 leading practices derived from verified high-performing organizations for effectively managing your business to deliver an outstanding customer experience
  • Diagnostic Survey Instrument—The same survey tool J.D. Power uses for its Certified Customer Service Program to measure the customer experience
  • Key Metric Comparisons—Customized to your organization, comparing your own metrics with other brands across industries, high performers, and your industry peers (all industries may not be available)
  • Weighted Drivers of Satisfaction—Annually updated, cross-industry importance weights of each satisfaction driver that guides your prioritization of improvement efforts
  • Insights On-Demand—This solution also offers access to live and recorded interactive online discussions about the research results explaining what today’s customers want in a digital servicing experience

The Benefits

Clients that use J.D. Power’s proven best practices and benchmarks provided in the Benchmarking Toolkit can know more confidently what to prioritize in order to maximize the customer’s experience in the chat, email, and social media servicing channels, and where to look for efficiencies and improvements within their own organizations. The tool can help you save time, money, and resources by helping you focus on only those aspects of your operation that have the greatest potential to improve the customer experience. Whether to prepare for the J.D. Power Certified Customer Service Program or to understand current performance and identify improvement opportunities, the Benchmarking Toolkit is the first step in charting a course for ongoing customer service excellence.