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U.S. Tech Choice Study

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Consumers have been increasingly vocal regarding their desire for “the latest technology” within their vehicle, but what is it specifically that they want? For automakers, suppliers, and technology companies to succeed in anticipating and meeting consumer demand for leading-edge technologies, they must first identify which design quality and technological advances consumers desire and how much are they willing to pay. Additionally, because the landscape of vehicle ownership is beginning to change, what are consumer sentiments regarding non-traditional vehicle ownership and usage models that are coming to market?

The Solution

The J.D. Power U.S. Tech Choice StudySM examines consumer awareness, interest, and price elasticity of various future and emerging technologies by vehicle make and consumer demographics. The major technology categories analyzed in the study include entertainment & connectivity, comfort & convenience, driving assistance, collision protection, navigation, and energy efficiency. Launched in 2016, consumer interest in emerging concepts such as alternative mobility solutions, cybersecurity threats, and trust in automated technologies will be explored.

The study explores interest in more than 40 features, including:

  • Smart Intersection
  • Camera Rearview Mirror
  • Pedestrian Avoidance System
  • Autonomous Driving Modes
  • Biometric Recognition
  • Smart Parking
  • Digital Key
  • Predictive Vehicle Assistant

The Benefits

Study subscription will provide insight into the emerging technologies that drive consumer purchase behavior in the market. Subscribing to this study provides access to the information necessary to:

  • Strategize future R&D plans by identifying the advanced features consumers demonstrate interest 
  • Complement product portfolio planning for future technology content and pricing
  • Profile expectations based on generational, psychographic, and vehicle make intricacies
  • Gauge the growing interest in features that are gaining consumer trust and paving the way for acceptance of fully autonomous vehicles

J.D. Power’s research solutions enable automotive companies to target those performance activities that have a direct impact on ROI.

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