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U.S. Automotive Media and Marketing Report: Media

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Automotive marketers endeavor to target the right population for their key marketing communication messages. However, J.D. Power research shows that demographic targeting misses the mark in effectively reaching new-vehicle drivers. Actual purchase behavior across the various 26 new-vehicle segments and down to the brand and model level provides an accurate profile of the new-vehicle audience for the various media channels. This information allows media companies to identify their audience and identify ways to attract automotive marketing dollars.

The Solution

The semiannual J.D. Power U.S. Automotive Media and Marketing ReportSM provides a comprehensive strategic perspective to demonstrate new-vehicle drivers’ behavior through marketing insights and media consumption patterns, including broad-reaching digital and social channels as well as a deep dive into their attitudinal and lifestyle preferences.

The Benefits

Subscription to this report provides access to information necessary to understand the audience for your media brand by examining attitudinal, lifestyle, recreational, and media consumption behaviors of recent new-vehicle drivers engaging with your media brand.

This unique study also provides insight on how to:

  • Further refine segment, brand, and model of a customized competitive set, targeting new-vehicle drivers consuming your media
  • Evaluate the ability of your media brand to reach target prospects for specific brands, models, or segments
  • Identify engagement patterns of your media brand, compared with the competition, to identify your media brand’s strengths for automotive marketers
  • Depict persona insights among new-vehicle drivers consuming your media by tapping into J.D. Power’s automotive attitudes and auto segmentation data base

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