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Contact Optimization

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The Contact Optimization is a solution to improve customer satisfaction while driving down costs through systemically reducing contacts and improving customer self-service utilization.

The Challenge

Customer service, care, and support executives are under pressure to reduce costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction. J.D. Power offers proven solutions that maximizes self-service channel usage and drives down the number of unnecessary contacts to help customers get what they need from you with minimal effort.

The Solution

  • On-site consulting, conducted by highly experienced experts, that utilizes proprietary methodologies to reduce overall demand on assisted channels through a reduction in the number of contacts and migration to unassisted channels
  • Comparison of current Web and IVR self-service performance with highest performers in five categories across 25 analysis points
  • Pinpoint systemic and IVR or Web-specific changes needed
  • Through the “Value-Irritant Workshop,” our experts help clients understand which contacts can be leveraged to maximize the benefits for customers and for your business, and what specifically needs to be done to reduce the overall number of inbound contacts
  • Optimally contained self-service results with new metrics and continuous improvement
  • Unique approach minimizes time and resource drain for clients to participate in this engagement
  • Powerful ROI
  • Project length: 4-6 weeks

The Benefits

Although results will vary, clients can save money and improve customer satisfaction. For example, a financial services firm utilized the strategies found in the Contact Optimization to get these outstanding results:

  • Reduced customer contact rate >40% after 18 months
  • Slashed $250 million per year from support budget
  • Retained highest-ranked position in J.D. Power studies, highest ACSI, and higher NPS