Healthcare Industry Market Research

Healthcare Performance Improvement; Healthcare Market Research; Healthcare Industry Research

Relationships are key in the healthcare industry—from patients and clinical providers to biopharma and medical technology manufacturers

J.D. Power provides actionable market intelligence to insurers, exchanges, pharmacies, and medical device manufacturers to help the healthcare industry deliver an optimal experience.

Industry Benchmark Studies

J.D. Power conducts independently-funded, industry-wide unbiased studies for health insurance, pharmacy, medical device manufacturers, and health & fitness. Study subscribers use the findings to identify and prioritize performance improvement initiatives that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction in order to protect and increase market share.

Greg Truex

Greg Truex

Senior Director, SI Americas

Healthcare Industry Advisory Services

J.D. Power offers a comprehensive suite of research solutions to help you understand the many drivers of customer satisfaction, develop a strategy and action plan, optimize customer interactions, and measure and manage performance for ongoing improvement.

Customer Experience Management

J.D. Power VoX is our customer experience measurement and management solution that combines globally-recognized industry benchmarks, an innovative platform, and our data and analytics expertise.


Customer Experience Assessment

An unparalleled approach to developing a blueprint for accelerated improvement of your customer experience.


Mobile App Certification

Mystery Shopping

J.D. Power’s approach assesses sales and service effectiveness from the customer’s viewpoint to identify the most pressing improvement opportunities.


Research & Analytics Support

Customer Service Solutions

Addressing all of your Benchmarking, Assessment, Improvement, and Recognition needs across the phone, and self-service channels.


Digital Experience Evaluation

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