Automotive Industry Market Research

Today’s global automotive industry could face far more change than stability during the next several years.

Despite shifting dynamics, the automotive industry remains steadfast in benchmarking its overall success against one key ingredient—the Voice of the Customer. For more than 45 years, J.D. Power has been a trusted advisor in measuring this with a full suite of automotive solutions designed to help clients achieve their highest performance.

Industry Benchmark Studies

J.D. Power understands the extent of planning that goes into designing, building, marketing and selling a vehicle, and the importance of understanding the target market before, during and after the process. Understanding the consumer voice in addition to the external factors is essential to succeeding in this highly competitive environment.

J.D. Power is the premier provider of automotive intelligence to an extensive client base of vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers and suppliers, and technology companies around the world. Our customized component dependability reports that are based on component-level data and analytical tools and geared to organizational job function.

For automotive marketers, it is critical to understand your market—both current and future—inside and out. This includes understanding the factors that drive awareness and interest in particular models, as well as in your brand.

To remain competitive in today's automotive industry, car manufacturers and retailers must react quickly to evolving sales, pricing, and incentives. Several key factors merit continuous scrutiny in this arena. To remain competitive in today's automotive industry, car manufacturers must react quickly to evolving pricing and incentives.

Doug Betts

Senior Vice President & General Manager,
Global Automotive Practice

Chris Sutton

Chris Sutton

Vice President, U.S. Automotive Retail

Dave Sargent

Dave Sargent

Vice President, Global Automotive

Kristin Kolodge

Kristin Kolodge

Executive Director, Driver Interaction and HMI

Tim Dunne

Tim Dunne

Director, Automotive Industry Analytics

Automotive Industry Data, Analytics & Advisory Services

J.D. Power's industry experts access a comprehensive suite of research solutions to help you understand the many drivers of customer satisfaction, develop a strategy and action plan, optimize customer interactions, and measure and manage performance for ongoing improvement.

Automotive Pricing & Incentives

Providing car manufacturers, financial organizations, and suppliers with real-time automotive information, analysis, and decision-support tools.

Vehicle Valuation

NADA Used Car Guide, a division of J.D. Power, delivers weekly auction values and monthly trade-in, loan and retail values.

O2O Analytics

improves the performance of online campaigns and websites by measuring them against the KPI that matters most: actual vehicle sales.

Product Consulting

Develop competitive advantages by integrating the Voice of the Customer into your strategic planning, development, supplier operations, and launch/production.

Retail Consulting

Identify retail sales process strengths and weaknesses at the individual dealership and brand level.

Measurement & Management

J.D. Power VoX is our customer experience measurement and management solution that combines globally-recognized industry benchmarks, an innovative platform, and our data and analytics expertise.

Mystery Shopping

J.D. Power’s approach assesses sales and service effectiveness from the customer’s viewpoint to identify the most pressing improvement opportunities.

Customer Service Solutions

Addressing all of your Benchmarking, Assessment, Improvement, and Recognition needs across the phone, and self-service channels.

Customer Experience Assessment

An unparalleled approach to developing a blueprint for accelerated improvement of your customer experience.


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