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J.D. Power O2O Analytics

What is Online-to-Offline (O2O) Analytics?

O2O Analytics improves the performance of online campaigns and websites by measuring them against the KPI that matters most: actual vehicle sales. It measures beyond clicks and impressions in order  to provide critically important insights around website and campaign effectiveness by linking online consumer activity with actual offline automotive sales data collected by the Power Information Network® (PIN) from J.D. Power.

Automotive Sales Effectiveness


Automotive Sales Effectiveness
O2O helps them improve their online campaigns, optimize their websites, make sound advertising investments, and sell more vehicles.

O2O helps online publishers and third-party auto sites talk confidently to auto advertising decision-makers, inspire industry trust, and demonstrate the value of premium placements based on actual vehicle sales.
Automotive Sales Effectiveness
O2O helps them gain an edge in the marketplace, talk confidently to auto advertising decision-makers on maximizing their digital strategy, inspire industry trust, and drive efficiency in targeting and optimization.

O2O Analytics is the only sales-based measurement for improving online campaigns and websites that is uniquely powered by the Power Information Network (PIN). This exclusive combination enables O2O to provide clients with rich metrics unparalleled speed trusted, unbiased source of auto industry expertise.

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What makes O2O Analytics unique?

Unlike any other sales measurement for online campaigns and websites, O2O Analytics is exclusively powered by automotive transaction data gathered by the Power Information Network® (PIN) from J.D. Power.

Because of its unique paring with PIN, O2O Analytics is able to deliver a myriad of rich metrics at unparalleled speed.

Rich Metrics

Powered by PIN, O2O Analytics delivers exceptionally rich metrics:


The automotive industry relies on PIN to provide the latest competitive intelligence data available with the highest degree of accuracy to make informed decisions on vehicle pricing, production, and distribution.

As a primary source of sales data, PIN collects and analyzes near real-time transaction-level data for vehicles from thousands of automotive franchises. These transactions yield insights into who, what, where, and how vehicles are being purchased.

Insights derived from rich O2O metrics help our clients make the necessary adjustments to their digital strategies that can help lead to profitable results:

Rich O2O metrics enabled by our powerful PIN database can be leveraged to gather meaningful insights about the effectiveness of your online campaigns and websites on actual vehicle sales.

Rich O2O metrics enabled by our powerful PIN database can be leveraged for meaningful insights about your site, providing you with measurement to demonstrate the value of premium placements based on actual vehicle sales.

Rich O2O metrics enabled by our powerful PIN database can be leveraged for meaningful insights, allowing you to drive efficiency and performance  in your targeting and optimization for your clients.

See more about how these rich metrics are also delivered at an unparalleled speed.

Unparalleled Speed

Powered by PIN, O2O Analytics is the fastest source for delivering real-time, online auto purchasing activity and behavior insights. This is because PIN collects transactional-level information daily, enabling O2O Analytics to quickly deliver reports.

O2O Analytics Powered by PIN Globe

In a constantly changing world, accessing data with speed and precision is critical


…to stay relevant


…to act on information that matters


…to make meaningful adjustments to digital investments to increase the likelihood of actual vehicle sales

O2O Analytics doesn’t just provide rich metrics at unparalleled speeds, but it is also backed by trusted and unbiased experts in the automotive industry.

Trusted, Unbiased Automotive Experts

J.D. Power is a respected and globally renowned auto industry consulting and consumer research company. J.D. Power has 50 years of experience in providing:

  • In-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape

  • A wealth of automotive industry expertise

  • A reputation for integrity in gathering and reporting Voice of the Customer data to serve as an invaluable advisor and consultant to the industry

As part of the J.D. Power culture of providing objective analyses, O2O is 100% dedicated to unbiased, transparent sales measurements of online campaigns and websites. You can have confidence in partnering with a well-respected third-party source that has used proven methodologies to yield measurable results for 50 years.

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