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Automotive Industry & OEM Solutions-PIN

Automotive Industry and OEM Solutions-PIN

Insights from the Power Information Network® (PIN) enable manufacturers, financial organizations, media/marketing and suppliers to leverage the foundational benefits of near-real-time transactional data through a set of tailored solutions that address critical business needs.

Why PIN?

PIN’s proprietary analytics are based on actual customer transactions (not self-reported or lagged third party data), therefore creating an ecosystem of data that aligns retail sales demand, pricing and consumer behavior for each given period.

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System Tools: On -Demand Market Analytics
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PIN Explorer®—A dynamic reporting tool that enables users to perform competitive analyses, track new-product introductions, conduct market comparisons and isolate weaknesses and strengths. The power behind this tool is 12 million annual transactions on both new and used vehicle sales at franchised dealers. PIN Explorer® is updated daily with transactions received from prior sales day.

PIN Navigator®—A reporting tool focused on the auto finance industry. PIN Navigator combines credit scores, new- and used-vehicle sales data, and financial transaction data on a weekly basis by market and by nameplate. MORE >
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Analytical Products: Delivered at Specified Intervals
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PIN Retail Share—Modeled from PIN’s proprietary transactional data, PIN Retail Share provides insights into true retail demand by isolating consumer retail sales from other noise in the sales channel, such as non-retail or punched units. PIN Retail Share is available roughly two business days following the sales weekend, enabling decision-makers to evaluate and impact mid-month performance before objectives are missed and headlines are written. Historical results are also available to support long-term trend analysis and data sets may be customized to reflect client segmentation, regional structure or key market definitions. PIN Explorer® subscription required.

PIN Transaction Price and Incentive Spending—PIN Transaction Price and Incentive Spending data add the “why” to retail sales movements by measuring vehicle purchase price net of incentives through PIN’s proprietary metric, Customer-Facing Transaction Price (CFTP). Integral to transaction price is a highly accurate incentive spending estimate. To accomplish this, PIN matches OEM incentives offers in the market with the consumer response found in PIN’s transactional data. The resulting calculated incentive spending output provides complete transparency regarding OEM incentive outlay across 30 common tactics, as well as each tactic’s penetration and contribution to overall per unit average spending. This data can be customized to reflect client segmentation, regional structure and market definitions for top 30 US markets. Requires subscription to PIN Retail Share.

PIN Vehicle Age—PIN-exclusive insights into past and future product launches for every model currently in market and future releases in subsequent 10 years. An average age for every model is calculated by scoring its product activity -- from minor refreshes through ground-up redesigns. Results are then scaled to manufacturer, nameplate and segment, giving demand planning, incentives and product planning teams insights into competitive environment many years into the future. Requires subscription to PIN Retail Share.

PIN Trade Loyalty and Conquest—Combining vehicle trade data with retail sales, PIN provides proprietary insight into both source of sales and destinations of owners in marketplace. This data provides critical insight into the short-term effectiveness of incentives in conquesting new customers or retaining existing owners, as well as the impact of longer-term initiatives, such as marketing and product, that impact customer loyalty or in-flow of new owners. Requires subscription to PIN Retail Share.

PIN Market Timer—PIN-exclusive insights that project the number of vehicle owners and lessees who will return to market over the next 36 months. Output also includes the average monthly payment of returnees, by sale type and term group, enabling insights into own and competitive advantages and weaknesses. Users of this data affirm it allows for more accurate prediction of future self and competitive sales and more accurate planning for pricing, as well as incentives and sales promotions. Requires subscription to PIN Incentive Spending Report and PIN Retail Share.

PIN Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Report—A PIN-exclusive quarterly solution that allows manufacturers to benchmark the performance of their CPO and non-CPO used-vehicle sales relative to the industry in entirety and by specific competitors. Benchmarking metrics include overall used-vehicle profitability (gross return rate) and specific metrics such as dealer profit, finance reserve, insurance and service contracts, inventory levels and retail turn rate.

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Predictive Analytics and Consultative Services
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PIN Incentives Planning and Optimization—A recurring consultative engagement for pricing and incentives teams that leverages PIN’s award-winning predictive capabilities in the incentives space. Business performance is improved by matching a vehicle’s price point with consumer demand via PIN Incentives Planning war-gaming, which alters incentive offer values to optimize for overall sales, take rates, incentive spend, and profitability. This robust predictive process can model advanced simultaneous, multi-tactic changes. Using the same capabilities, PIN can also optimize incentive spending across all models in a portfolio while incorporating portfolio cannibalization effects.

Vehicle Configuration Optimization—An on-demand service that examines how vehicle content drives sales performance, transaction price, and profitability for both OEMs and dealers. The resulting insight allows identification of high- and low-performing vehicle configurations and the ability to refine and simplify build configurations.

Price and Volume Assessment—An on-demand service that leverages the full array of PIN and J.D. Power data to assess future sales and price performance for a given model or portfolio. J.D. Power’s team of automotive experts deliver a data and industry expertise driven, quantitative assessment of expected performance with full transparency for the drivers of the analysis.

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