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Automotive Product Consulting

Advisory Services


Voice of the Customer and industry benchmark data are incorporated into each of the below solutions in order to develop improvement activities that are scaled to the unique culture and conditions of your organization.

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Product Evaluations
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Customer Requirements Target Setting (CRTS): J.D. Power works with companies to define customer/segment/market requirements and develop priorities for the new model. Those requirements are translated into numerical quality and satisfaction targets reflecting necessary priorities and performance levels.

Vehicle Evaluation (VE): Vehicle Evaluation provides an independent and advanced assessment—prior to and throughout the vehicle design and launch period—of product/system likes and dislikes from the perspective of customers as well as build quality, material selection, and content examination.

Component Evaluation (CE): Component Evaluation provides a focused examination of a specific vehicle component throughout the design and implementation period to ensure that it is well-integrated into the vehicle, both physically and conceptually from a Voice of the Customer perspective.

Countermeasure Workshop (CMW): Countermeasure Workshops are organized for development teams to review action plans for resolution of top issues and verify PPH reduction estimates. J.D. Power works with these teams to identify and understand specific issues customers are citing with regard to system performance, in order to align a root cause of these issues and thoroughness of countermeasures.

Accelerated Quality Studies (AQS): Accelerated Quality Studies simulate the effects of long-term vehicle usage in a much shorter, and therefore actionable, time frame. An accelerated mileage accumulation uses the J.D. Power Initial Quality StudySM (IQS) and J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout StudySM (APEAL) framework to provide a Voice for the Customer-centric evaluation of pre-production vehicles (or components) vs. benchmark vehicles (or components) to uncover potential quality and difficult to understand/use issues prior to launch.

Customer Placement Evaluation (CPE): Customer Placement Evaluation provides early feedback on new models just prior to launch. Consumers drive the new model for up to 3 weeks then provide their perception of the vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses from the J.D. Power Initial Quality StudySM (IQS) and J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout StudySM (APEAL) perspective. Based on the findings, J.D. Power develops recommendations for problems that can be corrected prior to launch.

Customer Vehicle (or Component) Evaluation (CVE or CCE): Customer Vehicle (or Component) Evaluation provides early feedback about reactions from the first group of customers who purchased a new vehicle upon launch. The J.D. Power Initial Quality StudySM (IQS) and J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout StudySM (APEAL) are used as the framework to provide a Voice of the Customer-centric review to gain insight into their perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle, as well as particular areas of issue or satisfaction.

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Manufacturing Improvement
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Systemic Defect/Malfunction Resolution Support: This Support solution focuses on the resolution of key systemic defect/malfunction issues impacting plant performance across the company. Voice of the Customer integration and use of structured problem solving helps to resolve issues and improve alignment of production plant end-of-line validation processes (what and how), in order to contain high frequency issues until countermeasures can be applied.

Plant Assessment: J.D. Power helps manufacturers (both OEM and suppliers) improve their operations by combining Voice of the Customer, production quality system best practices, and engineering expertise to identify, recommend, and implement solutions that lead to improved internal and external business metrics.

Production System Improvement: Production System Improvements assist leadership in developing the overall improvement strategy based on gaps identified in the production system evaluation, in order to progress to an ideal state vision.

Post-Production Quality Validation: Post-Production Quality Validation activities identify both design and defect/malfunction issues from the customers’ perspective, as the vehicle/component leaves final assembly at the manufacturer or supplier.

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Quality Information System Enhancement
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Quality Information Systems (QIS): Quality Information Systems ensure accurate and timely quality information is  available and effectively utilized. To do so, J.D. Power first assesses current client’s QIS to provide recommendations for improvement and incorporation of the Voice of the Customer. Then, J.D. Power works directly with the client to redesign the QIS to ensure that it’s sending the right quality information to the right place at the right time, so action can be taken across all markets.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Training: J.D. Power offers customized training programs for automotive industry employees from executive to hourly workers that teach the need to integrate Voice of the Customer into their daily work activities, which will improve the quality of their output. Training is conducted through both online and live sessions, and includes the following modules: VoC Quality; Problem Solving Solutions; and VoC Production System Design.

Quality Implementation Function (QIF): Quality Implementation Function provides clients with the opportunity to employ daily, monthly, and even quarterly reviews of quality improvement initiatives. Depending on the timing of these reviews, taskforces ranging from key stakeholders to executives are involved to ensure successful implementation of quality countermeasures to improve operational management.

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